In November 2017 I was fortunate enough to take a trip down to Arizona to meet a friend, fellow fibre-fanatic, and rabbit-rancher for a fantastic 3 day vacation and bring home three fantastic pedigreed French Angora rabbits. When I'd begun keeping rabbits but a few years earlier, I'd looked for French Angora in the Edmonton, Alberta area and wasn't able to find a local rabbitry for the breed. Originally, these rabbits were intended to be my personal fibre herd. However, remembering my own personal frustration, and in light of their strong show backgrounds, I realized it made sense to eventually offer kits/stock to others in Edmonton and North/Central Alberta

This website, and the whole Angora herd itself, is a bit of a work in progress. Things are subject to change, as mentioned, at any time. At this time, I do not have the resources to support pet sales - the maintenance required for this breed is taxing in comparison to many other pet rabbits and buyer education is absolutely critical to ensure the long-term health of these animals. As such, the early rabbitry will be limited to existing rabbit raisers/showers, preferably with experience in grooming wooled rabbits already. I will expand sales to other groups as I develop the resources and supports necessary to ensure every-bunny I send out will have a long and happy life.

If you want to discuss purchasing rabbits, or be put on a waitlist for when we transition to open sales, please feel free to get in touch!